Mechanical Deviation Of The Overall Measured Data Essay examples

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The preeminent design of the paper helicopter experiment would comprise of the best mean and standard deviation of the overall measured data. An in depth comparison of the mean value and the standard deviation of each variable will be discussed in relation to a measure suitable for a longer flight time and a more accurate landing. These variables will be discussed relevant to the data and information gathered from our experiment during testing. The ratio of each helicopter will be discussed in order to replicate the appropriate wing length to base length ratio for the most successful design produced from the experiment.
16.1 Flight Time of Helicopter Designs
The optimal design of a paper helicopter must consist of the best measured combination of the following data groups; flight time, accuracy and consistency. The performance of helicopter 3 was predicted to be the best design out of the 5 models. By comparing the average flight times to the standard deviation of each design, we could determine the helicopter that had the highest and most consistent fight times. The flight time of an object can relate to many laws of physics although air resistance, speed and wing to body ratio are the most significant factors that can affect the time of the helicopter during its flight. It was found that the air resistance of an object is proportional to the speed and surface area that is directed opposite towards the motion of the helicopter during its descent to the ground. The speed of…

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