Essay on Meat Is Not Good For You !

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Most individuals who eat meat don’t realize what harm they are causing to themselves. Eating red meat such as beef, hot dogs, or salami can cause problems to your health as well as eating pork or poultry. All this meat can cause diseases, bacterial infections, and illnesses. Meat is not good for you!
To start with, a compound in red meat called carnitine has been found to cause atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries also called “clogging of the arteries”. According to a study published in the journal nature medicine. The research which included vegetarians, vegans, and omnivore’s cardial patients numbering more than 2,500, suggests that carnitine converts to heart damaging trimethylamine-n-oxide via the bacteria that is in the intestine. Researchers found that increased carnitine levels predicted increased risks for cardio vascular disease. Processed red meats like hot dogs and salami are the worst to eat and charring meat increases toxins that can lead to cancer of the stomach (Elizabeth).
Hamburger contains a component called “pink slime”. It is a lean finely textured beef that contains leftover fatty bits of meat that gets heated and spun to remove the fat and then is treated with ammonia gas to kill bacteria. This “slime” is added to ground beef at grocery stores and meat packing places. Approximately 70% of supermarkets that have ground beef, contains the addictive and the ammonia treatment may allow pathogens to the food. “Danger may happen as you prepare the…

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