Measuring Process Innovation For The Agro Industrial Business Venture

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Measuring Process Innovation. At the heart of the quagmire relative to the food shortages in Cameroon and the sub-Saharan African region is a marked inefficiency in the food distribution network. Food may be abundant, cheaper and wasted in one part of the country but not in another, while other parts experience severe shortages. According to Dobni (2008), organizations with successful innovation strategies have the capacity to weave innovation into the different systems and management processes of the organization. Process innovation for the agro-industrial business venture would, in particular be mirrored in the firm’s attempt in researching and developing new ways of establishing distribution efficiency to attain a relative uniformity of food supplies across the region. Specific parameters that could be measured to detect innovation in this area include the effort of firm-level market research (market orientation) and integration and network capability.
External integration and network capability. It would be a Herculean task to assume the agro-business venture described by the author would resolve the headaches associated with food shortages and scarcity in the region, by working alone. While the development of a solid and efficient internal machinery is quintessential to the firm’s ability to engineer a culture that could play a significant and decisive role in the market place vis-a-vis its mission, the capacity to engage integrated strategic partnerships within its…

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