Measuring Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction
James Brown
Keller Graduate School of Management
Quality Management
Professor Robert Lee
Mar 20, 2011

Measuring Customer Satisfaction
As we move into a huge global business environment we find that the need has become much greater to measure and track customer satisfaction. This measurement is a relatively new concept being adopted throughout the business community. It was stated in the Harvard Business Review that “The gulf between satisfied customers and completely satisfied customers can swallow a business.” (Review, 1995) In order to be effective in satisfying your customers and monitor how well you are doing you need to have a well
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Those are just a few of the steps necessary to have in place as a way to measure your successes and failures in satisfying your customers. At my job with the City Building and Safety Engineering Department I have not seen any questionnaires that we pass out to our customers to ask how we are doing, this is probably one of the reasons that we are viewed in such a negative light. I believe that we should develop a survey that asks the public how we can best serve their needs. This would be the beginning of a new and improved city service that could pave the way for better property maintenance and more compliance by landlords and business owners. We neither meet nor exceed my findings on measuring customer satisfaction because there is nothing in place to meet this criteria. If we begin to pattern ourselves after great corporations who have a knack for segmenting their customers to gain a better understanding of who their customers really are. They specialize in raising their level of customer delight to higher and higher levels over time to increase their market share and exceed sales projections consistently. (McManus, 2009) American Express performed a survey

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