Essay on Measuring Crime

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Crime is usually committed by the criminals with no problem, but it’s what comes after the crime that the victim is faced with that is the hard part. Crimes are supposed to be reported but unfortunately, sometimes victims fail to report them. People often forget how important reporting crime is. Without these crime reports it becomes very difficult to collect crime data. However, for all the unreported crimes, there are reported crimes, as well. When crimes are reported, it becomes easier for officials to collect crime data and measure crime. The main way crime is measured is by surveys and official records. There are various surveys and records used across the nation to monitor and measure the crime that takes place.
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Although, these criminal complaints become removed, the actual offense itself is still recorded and given to the FBI. Part II crimes are monitored as well, but the more violent crimes are more likely to be solved. So, more effort and time is put into Part I crimes. Cleared crimes are also reported monthly by agencies. They are cleared in a couple of ways such as; when at least one person is arrested, charged, and turned over to the court of prosecution or when some factor beyond police control interferes with the physical arrest of an offender. There's also a few other things that are reported with cleared crimes; the data involving the arrest of only juvenile offenders, data on the value of property stolen and recovered in connection with Part I offenses, and detailed information pertaining to criminal homicide. The UCR has methods of expressing crime data along with jut recording and reporting the crimes. This is done in three methods. First, the number of crimes reported to the police and arrests made are expressed as raw numbers, plain statistics. Second, crime rates measured for every 100,00 people are tallied. They use an equation to conclude the rate per 100,000 people. It is the “number of reported crimes” over the “total u.s population” times 100,000. After the equation is used and the numbers are plugged in, the FBI computes changes in the number

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