Measure The Immeasurable : The World Of Smell And Taste Essay

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In the following critical essay, we will utilize a ten-point checklist to evaluate an article entitled Measure the Immeasurable: The World of Smell and Taste (“MIM”). This ten-point checklist has been applied against Six Sigma project case studies. MIM is not a case study by definition, but more of a look at industries’ use of new electronic measurement techniques and the influence they can have on and the opportunities they present to companies and teams using the DMAIC. More specifically, MIM explores the food and drink industries’ primary soft critical-to process elements, smell and taste, and the benefits and prospects of using E-nose and E-tongue technology to measure these CTQs. Since the MIM case is not presented as a Six Sigma project, the ten-point checklist is not as effective or applicable as with previous critiques. However, we do our best to employ the checklist and deliver a concrete assessment where we can, sometime stretching the critique measure to fit the MIM article. In doing so, we see the advantages brought to a future Six Sigma project employed by a food or drink company that decided to invest in and utilize E-nose and E-tongue technology.
The first criterion used when evaluating the success of a Six Sigma project is to link it to the strategic imperatives of the organization. No specific organization is identified, but rather overall industries are identified, such as food and drink industries, dealing with soft critical to quality elements…

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