Meaningful Employment Contributes An Improved Quality Of Life

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Meaningful Employment Contributes to an Improved Quality of Life
Can we imagine if were living in a world that is dull? Full of doubts, discouragement, failures and disappointments. People experience underemployment, underpaid and mistreated. Are we still pursuing our goals in our lives even we had all these circumstances? Notwithstanding can we still achieve a quality of life and meaningful employment? We can be billionaire neither nor beggarly. Either unfortunate or blessed and that what life offers full of bombshell. Sometimes we forget to appreciate blessings showered given upon us by our Father. Because we were dazzled of luxuries but these are all provisional. Have a reflection about this. Had we ever ask ourselves when the last time you smell the fragrance of flowers was? Or breathe in the fresh air. How about catching up with your loved ones? (Khuruna, 2015.).” Green (2015) quotation state that, “It is all about the quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.” It is in our hands to live us most out of it.
World health organization (2015) indicate, quality of life as an intuitive understanding and insight individuality in living in such a way in accordance to their goals, standards and concerns. It is a multi- dimensional affecting the mentality, physical health, milieu and intrapersonal relationship. Humanity has distinctive perspectives of quality of life it is depending to personal experiences, age, gender or culture. In this…

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