Sacraments In Christianity

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Sacraments are commonly used in Christianity. Sacraments are meaningful actions that make God’s love visible. Sign-acts are used in order to convey meaning. Sacraments are usually observed with the combination of words, acts, and objects. The sacraments that we use and observe distinguishes us from other religions. In the Christian religion, objects that are used in sacraments are water, oil, bread, and wine. Each of these objects holds a significant meaning in the Christian faith. There are several sacraments that Jesus Christ observed during His life because He was a practicing Jew. There are also clear evidences of sacraments that He performed over the course of His three year ministry on earth. Therefore, it has become deeply entwined in the Christian experience.
The use of sacraments is not a new practice. This was a practice that was developed from Judaism. They celebrated
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Sacraments were practiced in the early Jewish culture. Jesus Himself was a practicing Jew. Therefore, Jesus also observed sacraments. The early Christians were, in fact, also of the Jewish faith. Jews became baptized in water, which is a sacrament, and converted into Christianity. The use of sacraments wasn’t a foreign idea to new Christians because it was something that had been a common practice in Judaism. Therefore, the use of sacraments is steeped in Jewish tradition and has had a great impact on Christianity.
Mealtimes were observed as a form of sacrament in the Jewish community. Mealtimes were observed a lot differently in Jewish history compared to how we observe our mealtimes now. Families came together and gave God thanks for His provision. Mealtimes was an occasion to connect with God and express gratitude. In today’s society, we tend to rush through our grace and mindlessly thank God for our food. As a matter of fact, we rush through our meals in order to indulge in things that divert our attention from

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