Meaning Of Cockney Slang

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6.2 Concept
To be clearer about the type and meaning of slang words in this study that we need to describe. Concepts used in this study are the idea or theory of experts in order to make this study more focused. 6.2.1 The Concept of Language Varieties
Language can be varieties based on the several different points of view including the way it is used, language varieties are classified in the formality, the stratification, and the various professional fields to which the lexicon of the language is normally associated, such as the language variety according to formality there are formal and informal language.
The formal language variety is the variety used in the writing official letter, business meetings, college lectures, government document,
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Cockney slang in the society of England is the slang that some words are easy to be understood directly. It is easy to know and understand words of cockney slang if we used slang dictionary and Standard English dictionary. There are two kinds of ordinary slang. The first is the cockney slang used by the educated and middle class people. The second is the cockney slang used by the semi literature and quite literature people.
Here are some examples of Cockney slang that commonly used in the daily speaking by middle class and educated people:
• Chicanery cove means, a very smart fellow, “perfect” in dress, able in business, and of a dashing deportment.
• Come over on a Whelk Stall, means to do things, especially to dress, in style.
• See the breeze and taste the sun (with which compare feel the shrimps), means an expression of summer enjoyment at escaping from London to an open common.
In addition, below are some example of Cockney slang that commonly used in their daily speaking by the semi literate and quite
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Public house slang group of words and phrase makes up for the smalless of the recorded vocabulary by the nature of the subject.
Here are the examples of public house slang:
• Favorite vice means strong drink taken habitually
• Jumbo means the elephant and castle, perhaps the most famous public house in London.
Workmen’s Slang
This type of slang has a relation with the public house slang. It is considered as the tradesmen’s slang, because it is put from the people’s activity in their working.
People use this type of slang for enjoying in their communication, when they are pushed to communicate each other. Workmen’s slang not only used by people’s activity in their working but also used in other activity.
Workmen’s slang can be classified into two kinds, the workmen of the town laborers and the workmen of farm laborers. The town laborers are much more ready with their tongue and speak more fluently with their slang than the farm laborer.
Here are some examples of workmen’s slang for the farm labors:
• Church bell means a noisy or a talkative woman.
• Hammered mean married, welded together, one

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