Meaning And Interpretation Of The Painting Of Paul Cezanne Essay

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For the assessment of meaning and interpretation I chose to discuss about Paul Cezanne, Grand Bainuses, 1895-1906, oil on canvas, 52 x 81 inches, The Barnes Foundation, Marion, PA. I will be discussing what the painting portrays, the materials used for the painting, the form and context of the painting. I will also be discussing the coherence, correspondence, and completeness of the painting. The painting of Paul Cezanne subject matter portrays nudity, all the men and women in the oil painting are nude. I can tell the gender of the people in the painting by the breast’s. They are emphasized with more rounded chest area than the one man who is on his knee with short hair, and the woman’s have the longer hair. The man and women are not completely nude, as they have a small white cloth that covers their private area from the waist down. The nudity aspect of the painting can portray purity within themselves. Their is no discomfort with their body type, and seems to be very comfortable within their own skin. I believe the message is it’s also trying to send out is unity. They are all united and seem to be having some kind of feast since I see a basket, and a pot turned over spilling water. The medium’s used for the oil painting on a canvas as a start would be an easel to hold the canvas in place, and a plain white canvas. The paints that are going to be used along with the oil to create into oil paint. Paul Cezanne would of most likely used gesso, which is applied on the…

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