Essay on `` Mean Girls ' : Movie Analysis

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Mean Girls Interpersonal Language the movie analyzed for interpersonal communication was the movie “Mean Girls”. The movie is about a teenage girl Cady who moves to the United States after living in Africa for 12 years. Cady is enrolled in a public school for the first time. Her first friends were Janice, who is a goth and many think she is a lesbian, and Damian who is publicly gay. But she has many difficult experiences, many revolve around the girls they call the “plastics”. Cady seeks revenge on the leader of the group Regina, after she finds out how manipulative and selfish she is. After all of the revenge Cady finally has her way and set the girls of the junior class straight. By the end of the movie Regina is no longer seen as the queen bee of the school and all of the girls are getting along with one another drama free. Throughout the movie “Mean Girls” there are many different examples of interpersonal communication. These examples include nonverbal communication, expression of emotion, self disclosure, direct communication, cyber bullying as well as communication over the phone.
Cady, the main character doesn’t seem to have issues when it comes to self esteem. She has a positive self esteem and doesn’t point out every flaw she sees. When the other girls were pointing out their flaws in Regina’s bedroom mirror, such as; wide hips, wide shoulders or even enlarged pores, the only flaw Cady could think of is having morning breath. Cady’s self esteem is the result from…

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