Mean Girls: Abstinence Of Sex Education In Public Schools

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In the movie Mean Girls, there comes a scene where a gym teacher appears before a chalkboard ready to discuss sexual education and the thoughts of safe sex. The gym teacher circles abstinence while turning around to say, "Don't, have sex. You will get pregnant, and die." We just like to laugh during this part in the movie, but the scary thought is information like this taught in our schools is making teenagers clueless and frightened about sex. Sex education is now known as a controversial topic because of the involvement with politics and religion. However sex education in the United States is causing issues of giving misinformation to elementary, middle school, and high school students about what sex actually is. Many problems occur in the …show more content…
Well, these parents are wrong, because twenty-two out of fifty states provide medically accurate information when describing sexual education, but only two states, New Jersey and Utah follow strict guidelines to give out the best informative sexual education (“State Policies”n.p.). Another issue concerning lack of medically accurate information is the teaching of abstinence because of fundamental Christians promoting the illegal action of combining church and state. According to the article section in “Public School Sex Education and the Religious Right” the use of abstinence only education stresses medically inaccurate, fear-based messages that attempt to scare young people instead of informing them (Brown 15). In other words Brown believes that if we keep teaching the youth about abstinence in schools it will make them fear the natural engagement of sex. It will make them question their hormonal changes in their sex drive leads to unwanted pregnancies or infections, due to the lack of information on safe sex other than abstinence. In contrast, in the medically inaccurate information given to students lies a gender bias and inequality to women when they are in the classroom it brings confusion with learning about sexual education. One of these issues concerning gender inequality in sexual education is female anatomy. When it comes to describe the vaginal anatomy of a woman, they only talk about the vaginal canal that includes the ovaries and the side view and call it the vagina when its real name is the vulva. Apart from the misinformation given to females about their bodies, a project called Cliteracy, which provides information on the missing part of every sex educational textbook that includes the female “vagina” anatomy, the clitoris! Not only do they discuss the clitoris but they

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