Meal Experience Essay

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The meal experience
The assignment I will be doing will be about a recent meal experience I had in an establishment. I recently went for a meal in a local brasserie situated in my town I will be discussing the intangible and tangible factors that influenced my meal experience.
Reason for choice
The reason I chose to carry out my assignment on this particular meal experience is because it is the most recent meal I have been out for in a long time and I heard from a number of sources that the restaurant was a great place to eat and it had got great reviews on trip advisor so I decided to give it a try. Also it is the only restaurant I have actually been out for a meal in during the last two years.
I planned to go
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The establishment is not suitable for disabled people in terms of entering and exiting.
We reached the reception finally. It was there we had our first look at the place. My first impression that it was small but had a good feng shui. The restaurant wasn’t full but there were a few people there just the way I like it.
The girl greeted us and welcomed us. We thanked her and told her we had a reservation for 7:30 and we gave her our names. She then showed us to our table. I sat down and tested the table and chairs to see if it was wobbly but it wasn’t which was great because I cannot stand for a wobbly table when having a meal.
The woman who was a waitress as well asked us if we wanted anything to drink. I asked for water, which was brought to me quite fast which I was satisfied with. The Menus were already on the table because it is a casual dining restaurant. The waitress after bringing the water left us for a few minutes while we decided what to eat.
First Course
My partner and I looked through the menu which was quite concise and had a good variety as it ranged from comfort food like burgers, steaks and chips to classic Italian dishes like pasta caribonara and lasagne and even Asian dishes like stir-fry and spring rolls.
We were quite pleased with the selection and type of food that was available which left us spoiled for choice. The menu was A la carte so we could order as we went. Eventually my partner and I

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