Me Talk Pretty One Day Analysis

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Not everyone has something positive to make them who they are today. However, every so often it’s more common to have something negative, and so it can push you beyond your own boundaries. The person I am today is because of my big sister Thalia. In “Me Talk Pretty One Day” the narrators influence was his teacher, she was rude to her students just for mispronouncing French and judge her students on what they like on the first day of class and she never changed her attitude during the course of the story, I think she was a negative influence on him. (Sedaris, 635). In similarity, the way my big sisters’ negative behavior changed me to be a more ambitious, hardworking, and caring person I am today. My big sister is twenty-seven years old, still …show more content…
My sister dropped out of college when she was twenty-one years old and kept telling my mom that it was my parents fault that she left college, because of that I wanted to finish college and push myself to the next level to show that it’s no one’s fault except the person who dropped out. So when I started college, my mom kept asking me “are you going to quit just like Thalia and then blame it on me and your father?” I’ve changed my parents’ minds about what my sister told them because they see that I’m doing my best. I never let things get to me when I’m at my school or workplace. I still remember when my sister quit her job just because she heard that people were making up rumors about her. Seeing how she did that showed how immature she is and that she was acting like her job was a high school. When I had my first job all I really did was clean the restrooms, but I didn’t let that get in the way of me helping my family with financial problems. I made sure to not act immaturely because my sister was an example of how not to be at the

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