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Writing has always been intimidating to me. Like many people, I gravitate towards things that I am naturally good at. In school, I would use my strengths in math and science to my advantage to over compensate for my lack of writing ability. I find myself doing that same thing to this day. As a writer, I consider myself to be slightly below average. My inexperience coupled with a lack of interest, turns writing into a grueling process which is ultimately reflected in my writing. One thing I

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I am returning to school to finish my bachelor’s degree after a ten year absence. In those ten years, my writing has been very informal and usually job related. My writing was usually limited to an email to a colleague or filling out paperwork. In my personal life, I may have written a card or to-do list. I was never asked to put my thoughts and ideas on paper. Now that I am being faced with that, I am intimidated. I have not had a lot of experience where my writing has been critiqued. I worry that my ideas will sound juvenile or that my writing could be interpreted differently than I intended. This lack of confidence will cause me to either over analyze or give up because I feel overwhelmed. My first college writing course helped me to gain some insight into the mechanics of writing. However, it was not enough to really help build my confidence in my writing abilities.
Writing makes me feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and inadequate at times. It is a hard task that requires me to step outside of my comfort zone.I hope that the more exposure I have to writing, the more confident I will become in my
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