Essay about Mcdonalds

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I. Executive Summary
McDonalds is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and they currently serve over 119 countries worldwide. Having once been the leader in fast-food, McDonald's has suffered a series of setbacks with short-lived successes since the early 2000's. Having to overcome the death of two new CEO’s, as well high employee turnover rate and a need to expand and change menus due to changing world health view. McDonalds has sought to overcome these challenges with strategic focuses of a “Plan to Win” and “being better, not just bigger”. With the focus being set and the help of new leadership, McDonalds has been able to overcome the challenges it faced. The golden arches are once again shining bright, and McDonald’s is now doing
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III. Proposed Solution to the Problem
When it comes to the employees, it would be beneficial to make sure to hire enthusiastic and passionate team leaders and management - the attitude of those higher up the chain will influence how those lower will act. If a manager is constantly down on his/her employees or lamenting about hating work, employees aren't going to want to stick around and deal with that, nor will it help to raise morale. By offering training for management, perhaps quarterly or semi-annually, McDonald’s can ensure that those who are in a position to teach and recruit new employees know what they’re doing, and how to act appropriately and professionally. McDonald’s could also have many different managers form a region get together, discuss what works in their stores and what doesn't, and share tips. Chances are someone else may have a solution or suggestion to help out whatever the problem may be. As far as people's changing views on health, offering healthier menu options and smaller portions would be a good starting point. If someone wants to have a larger portion, such as the super-size, then they can, but don't offer that as the only choice. The menu should offer just as many healthy alternatives as there are unhealthy choices. Promoting healthy alternatives to fries such as apple slices will help with sales. This will make people feel like their food choice isn’t as bad as

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