Mcdonalds : What I Chose Mcdonalds Essay

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1. I chose McDonalds in Oelwein and Bookies in Fayette. I chose McDonalds because going there you know what you are going to get. Bookies in Fayette it is more traditional so you do not know what to expect. When I went to McDonalds I ordered and waited up at the counter for my food. I also paid right at the counter after I ordered. I was not seated I found my own spot. My food came very fast and then I sat down and ate. When I was done I was expected to throw away my own food and clean up after myself. When I went to Bookies it was more of a home feeling. I had a server who asked what I wanted to drink and eat. When I was done I did not have to clean up after myself and the bill was brought to me. I did not have to do much at Bookies like I had to do at McDonalds.
2. McDonalds has been improving several things to help increase efficiency. They have been using of low-oil-volume fryers and custom exhaust hoods that make ventilation more efficient. Using this hood also reduce heating a cooling loads (By considering the minimum.., n.d.). Since McDonalds fries a majority of their food this really helps their process go easier and more efficient. McDonalds also started using the net-energy solution to help them save money and energy (By considering the minimum.., n.d.). For calculability, McDonald’s focuses on quantity rather than quality. Its called fast food for a reason. They want thing to be fast so they can bring in more food and make more food. McDonalds also uses the…

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