Essay about Mcdonalds : The Best Chicken Franchise

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When people think about KFC, golden and crispy chicken appears in their brain. The delicious sauce and tasty flavor remind people of how amazing the KFC secret recipe is. Buckets, Chicken Combos and popcorn chicken, top sellers of KFC, the best chicken franchise. However, the master of various of hamburgers, Mcdonalds, appear in every corner, every town, and every city and countries worldwide, attracts customers by making the Big Mac, the Signature Wrap and the Mighty Angus. These two multi-billion corporations, amongst the world’s largest companies, started their competition. McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken are convenient restaurants, but they differ in terms of environment and food options. Ultimately McDonalds is the superior restaurant to visit.
As an initial matter, McDonalds and KFC are both very convenient for consumers, even though McDonalds has the edge. As an secondary matter, there are over 35,000 McDonalds outlets in 118 countries. Yet 18,875 KFC restaurants are also found in 118 countries. In brief, they are everywhere, but McDonalds are more convenient than KFC because McDonalds has spent more money on building drive-bys, which meets the majority of people who are in a rush. Drive-bys are effectively used when people are in a rush in the morning, they can simply receive a delicious, nutritious breakfast without leaving the car. However, McDonalds has cheaper items on their menu.
To add, McDonalds and KFC…

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