Essay on Mcdonald’s Production and Operations Management

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Mcdonald’s Use of Teams in Production and Operations Management


Strategies are important for all businesses, regardless of the products or services that they offer. Through strategic management and operations, companies are able to integrate new and effective means of running their respective businesses. In turn, these strategies results in an increased profit of sales, stable market position and greater levels of customer loyalty. In the fast food industry, businesses such as McDonald’s must establish certain business and marketing strategies. Primarily, the main goal of McDonald’s, just like any other organization is to sustain their competitive advantage in the global market. Overview of the Company
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McDonald’s focus on these five areas enable them to strive for a better tomorrow and sends a message to the community to speak to the root of what McDonald’s values are. McDonald’s has been recognized as a highly flexible corporation with its efforts to provide a vast differentiation to its foreign markets. Modifying its products and services are one of many ways McDonald’s meets the diverse needs of its global marketing strategies. Advertising strategies have always been focused on building an image of family comfort, rather than just being an ordinary fast food restaurant. Through this strategy, McDonald’s stays up to date with the latest market trends to identify new market segments such as food preferences. Future Strategies

Skinner, who took over the role of CEO in 2004, is set to retire later this year, turning over responsibility to Thompson. Diversity of the company also extends from front level employees up to the management level. “Donald Thompson, a 22-year McDonald's veteran who is responsible for global strategy and operations for its more than 33,000 McDonald's restaurants in 119 countries, will take over the next day, the company said” (McDonald’s turnaround, 2012). Thompson, the first African American to head McDonald’s since it was founded in 1955, hopes to continue the momentum that Skinner started with the company. Employee development is also equally important since all employees are trained to do multiple jobs. This approach creates

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