Essay about Mcdonalds Marketing Strategy

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McDonald’s as a Global Franchise Everyone knows McDonald’s, every kid’s and adult’s favorite fast food restaurants. McDonald’s has successfully infiltrated different market economies around the world. McDonald’s first established in 1948 in San Bernardino in California, over 50 years, this cooperation has able to expand itself into 119 countries throughout the world. How did it become so successful? It took the smart approach and researched the taste and need in each country before entering the market. McDonalds is one of the biggest fast food chains around the globe. It has located itself in 119 countries over the past 50 years since it has been established. Even though fast food is eaten mostly in western cultures, …show more content…
McDonalds created the Happy Meal, a kid-sized meal for the kids. The Happy Meal was one of the company’s top additions to their menu. They then made the Happy Meal including a toy prize inside the meal. They thought if children wanted to eat McDonald’s that would give the parents more incentive to eat there. McDonald’s also appeal to teens and young adults by adjusting the menu to fit consumer needs, encouraging teens to grab lunch after school and hangout. Psychographically, McDonald’s has adjusted to consumer lifestyle and made it convenient for people to enjoy their products. An example of this segmentation is the situation in India. Indian culture doesn’t allow the indulgence of beef or beef products, so McDonald’s opened a store in New Delhi dedicated to vegetarian versions of the McDonalds menu items.
McDonalds also added the Dollar Menu to their menu. The Dollar Menu targets people, mainly teens and young adults who are considered to be in the lower income bracket. Introducing the line of McCafe assorted coffees and fruit smoothies boosted McDonald’s sale and customer base. Teens enjoy smoothies and cold beverages and adults need coffee so this was a smart move.
As a global franchise there will always be opportunity to increase sales and epand

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