Essay about Mcdonalds Is The Leading Fast Food Chain

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Imagine working out of town, driving down a highway, bright yellow arches on the horizon, hungry but needing to hurry home. One goes into the store, then in and out to eat in the car. Fifteen minutes later the quarter pounder and fries with soda are all gone. McDonalds is famous for its American style burger and fries. Again imagine it, only most people do not need to because McDonalds gets thousands of customers like this everyday. McDonalds is using many different factors to pull Americans in their stores and as a result, encourage unhealthy eating habits.
McDonalds is the leading fast food chain in America, so how much money do they really make? According to Statista, a website that publishes "statistics and studies from more than 18,000 sources" (Statista). McDonalds is worth eighty one billion dollars. Starbucks is not even close being fifty billion dollars short. (Most) Why is McDonalds so popular? Why is McDonald worth thirty billion dollars more than Starbucks? McDonalds is known for the golden M and the famous clown, Ronald McDonald. Also, like most fast food restaurants, McDonalds is known for its high calorie items. McDonalds sells in bulk. This means more calories for less. McDonald 's makes it easier for consumers to eat. No forks, spoons, or knives are needed to eat their food. Hands only food can be eaten fast and in the car. McDonalds is popular because they are simple and cheap, and that tends to bring in customers. McDonalds in the United States is…

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