Mcdonalds Is A Growing Fast Food Essay example

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There is one thing that every human being has in common, everyone has to eat. McDonalds started in one store in Illinois and has grown to be in several different countries around the world (Fishwick, 1995). The chain of McDonald’s fast-food restaurants has similar items on the menu even though the cultures are so different. There are 30,000 McDonalds worldwide, which spreads to over 120 countries (Ward, 2007). The golden arches of McDonalds is a cultural landscape of this fast-food restaurants all over the world (Noren, 1990). Looking back and reviewing the different types of diffusion models, I have come to the conclusion that McDonalds falls under the contagious model. Although, McDonalds is a growing fast-food business it does have distance decay that I have found through my research. It is amazing how McDonalds is one place where people from different cultures and walks of life have in common. My first duty station was to Okinawa, Japan. It was really hard to be away from home for the first time in my entire life. One of the things that brought me comfort from being so far away from everything familiar to me was McDonalds. The McDonald story is very interesting and begins with one man named Ray Kroc. He bought out the McDonald brothers who had started the fast food-restaurant and spent millions into advertising with a clown named Ronald McDonald (Fishwick, 1995). Ronald started being seen on television in 1966 and soon other characters were created including Mayor…

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