Mcdonalds Csr Essay

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93,421,835 (July 2014 est.)- country comparison to the world: 15

Age structure
0-14 years: 24.3% (male 11,946,656/female 10,800,602)
15-24 years: 17.8% (male 8,598,360/female 8,023,377)
25-54 years: 44.8% (male 20,983,638/female 20,861,243)
55-64 years: 7.4% (male 3,149,494/female 3,763,309)
65 years and over: 5.6% (male 2,034,721/female 3,260,435) (2014 est.)

Urbanisation urban population: 31% of total population (2011) rate of urbanization: 3.03% annual rate of change (2010-15 est.)

Major urbanised cities
Ho Chi Minh City 6.405 million; HANOI (capital) 2.955 million; Haiphong 925,000; Da Nang 834,000 (2011).

GDP per capita
$4,000 (2013 est.)- country comparison to the world: 168
$3,800 (2012
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-Vietnam is a market with great potential for European investors thanks to its young population, high consumption demand and high economic growth rate.

Bob Goldin, an analyst at Technomic, says Vietnam is an obvious hotspot. “Vietnam would be a highly attractive market for McDonald's due to its growing affluence, younger population, their increasing orientation towards certain aspects of Western culture,” Goldin says.
-Vietnam's per capita income rose to $1,550 in 2012 from $1,000 in 2008, according to World Bank estimates, and inflation has stabilised.
-There was also lingering anti-American sentiment. In fact, the restaurant was banned from Hanoi in the mid-1990s. But that has changed.
“Sometimes I want to try something different,” Ms. Hao said, before taking a bite of her Whopper hamburger.
-Attitudes like hers — and appetites like her boyfriend’s — have made Vietnam attractive for American fast-food brands, which view the country as one of Asia’s last consumer markets with significant untapped potential, according to industry analysts.
-The latest entrant is McDonald’s, the fast-food giant, which has restaurants in more than 100 countries and will open its first Vietnam location on Saturday in downtown Ho Chi Minh City.
-Vietnam has a surging middle class, and most of its 90 million citizens were born after the Vietnam War ended, in 1975. Many young Vietnamese are insatiably curious about foreign cuisine and culture, like kebabs and K-pop,

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