Essay on Mcdonalds Case Study Project Managment

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1. Introduction 1.1 History of McDonald's 1.2 Philosophy of the company

2. Task 1: SWOT Analysis 2.1 Strengths 2.2 Weakness 2.3 Opportunities 2.4 Threats

3. Task 2: McDonald's Plan to Win Strategy 3.1 Implementation of key elements new Strategies 3.2 SWOT Analysis and Plan to Win

4. Task 3: McDonald's 2003-2009 Strategy 4.1 McDonald's Dynamic Strategy 4.2 Strategies Comparison

5. Task 4: McDonald's Competitors 5.1 Wendy's 5.2 Jack in the Box 5.3 Sonic

6. References

7. Bibliography

1. Introduction

1.1 History of McDonald's

The first McDonald's was inaugurated by the McDonald's brothers in 1948, constituting itself
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Kroc was then in one of the most competitive markets, that of the hamburgers.{Kroc, 1987 #5}

McDonald's has always tried to differentiate its products of the rest of its competitors, and it doesn't in fact try to differentiate them through the price, but through the good quality, the service, the originality and innovation. If for something is McDonald's characterized it is for the innovation, she has always tried to offer something different to its consumers, continually innovating with new products, and a clear example is in the Big Mac. In the market very similar hamburgers were already sold when McDonald's decided to sell it, but she only knew how to give him the form and the in agreement size with its name. And as shown on Table 1 the market share between competitors throw the last 4 years.

Table 1.Burger Restruant Market Share
| |Europe (2006) |Europe (2007) |Europe (2009) |USA |
|McDonald's |16.54 |19.47 |66.74 |94.06 |
|Yum! Brands |3.25 |3.43 |42.82 |58.59 |
|Burger King |2.60 |2.65 |21.45

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