Mcdonalds : A Marketing Researcher Working For A Big Corporation

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As a marketing researcher working for a big corporation such as McDonalds, keeping up with the fast pace changing world of consumers is important. Companies “need information in order to develop and deliver products and/or services that can satisfy their customer’s needs” (Brown, T., Sutter, T., & Churchill, G., 2014, pg. 3). In this paper I will discuss two new product ideas that McDonald’s can incorporate into their menu to meet consumers wants and needs, while maintain a positive dietary and lifestyle changes. Now days some two-thirds of Americans are overweight and roughly 30 percent of American children are overweight or obsess. McDonalds seems to be the center of global criticism, that they promote obesity. McDonalds have already done a lot of active marketing and communication strategies to avoid negative effects on their brand. In order for McDonalds to be able to dissipate the criticism, it is a constant struggle to stay ahead and continuing to offer a dramatic change in their food nutrition along with healthier options. It is very difficult to change people’s habits and behaviors, but by offering more healthy tasting choices the slow process of change can happen. To help change the image of McDonalds from the junk food restaurant to a healthy food restaurant would be to introduce new products such as; a better quality/leaner meat option and dishes that represent ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine. With American’s changing their behaviors and attitudes…

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