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The earth feels smaller whenever a new telecommunication device is introduced to the market, or anytime footage of a unique event or an action in the world is shared in cyberspace for everyone to see; these are small affects of globalization in life. Globalization integrates economy and cultures of different regions of the world through trading, telecommunication, technology, human migration, and capital flows. Incentive of the integration may be economic, political, cultural, technological or humanitarian.
George Ritzer’s invented term, McDonaldization, is a subset of the globalization phenomenon. Ritzer compares globalization with characteristic of a fast-food restaurant. The characteristic includes measuring efficiency by pace of
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Thomas Friedman, in his book “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” mentions that globalization is “spread of free-market capital in the world” (9). Arnold explains this statement of Friedman by stating that it is like moving from hundreds of smaller national economics to one large worldwide economy. Arnold also mentions in his book that some economists believe that globalization is changing the world to a “Union of States”(772). They compare the United State and its fifty states with the world and its countries. For instance, as goods and services move from one state to another freely, a person in, North Carolina can produce and transport goods to California. Similarly someone from California can move to Alaska to work, save, purchase and sell goods; globalization has the same impact with only a few exceptions on countries of the world, as if it is moving them toward becoming “the United States of the World”(772).
Significant signs of globalization can be observed as more countries in the world open up their markets to each other, people invest money in other countries, companies hire more people in other countries, and more foreign exchanges trade. These changes are easily recognizable in the world. Increase in number of franchises such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, or business agents such as Sony, Apple, Honda and so on, in the world are evidence of countries opening up their markets to each other. In the book Economics, Arnold indicates

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