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Vanessa Heber
November 17, 2010
SOCI 202 (LW): Canadian Families: Past, Present, and Future
Danita Kagan
Research/Analytical Review Paper
McDonaldization Research Paper
In a world where society is so influenced by technological advancements and materialistic possessions and where most people are often inclined to decide the way the live their lives, purchase items and what values and beliefs they follow based on brands, brand characteristics and brand values. We see many North Americans follow a way of life based on brands they connect with such as those who are Nike lovers; most often turn into what the brand stands for. They have a love for athletics, they always must show high performance in more than just sports and always exert
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They have found their way into small towns that cannot support full-scale fast-food restaurants with satellites offering limited menus and onto college campuses where the brand personality is very impressionable on students. McDonalds is found on essentially any trip one takes. It’s possible to purchase a McDonalds meal anywhere now, you can have a meal in the air, on the railways and on the highway. Even the principle of McDonalds foods and brand are seen in so many of our institutions, such as school cafeterias and military ship menus. McDonalds and its fast-food follower are simply everywhere in North America and expanding out to other parts of the world, is it is no wonder why there is a term called McDonaldization is affecting our culture and why George Ritzer explains that it is a process that is inexorable.

McDonaldization is the term coined by Ritzer to explain the idea and concept that McDonalds has emulated so many “basic premises of rationalization” and has revolutionized the basic development of values so strongly and prevalently that there is no real possible way of escaping the idea that our culture holds the same values as a fast-food restaurant. Ritzer goes on to clarify that McDonalds has perfectly embodied the principles of rationalization of our culture by explaining, “McDonalds became the model to be emulated first by other fast food chains and later by other types of chain stores. It was

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