Mcdonald 's The Biggest Opportunity For Mcdonalds Essays

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McDonald’s is one of the most recognized companies in the world. Over the years they have placed themselves as the number one fast food chain in the world and even though sales have been on a downward trend as of late, they continue to be a leader worldwide. Some of the strengths that McDonalds brings to the table is that their brand is global. There is a McDonalds in nearly every country and in all major cities. Another strength that they have is their competitive prices. Most restaurants charge more for the same type of food than what McDonald’s charges. The company does have some weaknesses though. The biggest weakness that they have is that many people consider the food to be low quality because of the price that it is sold for. Another major weakness is that the employees are usually not the most educated people and many don’t put a lot of effort into their job. Throughout the years the brand has notices that there is opportunities for them to venture out and expand. The biggest opportunity for McDonald’s is to improve the quality of their food in the public’s eye. If they are able to prove that their quality is on par with other major restaurants, they will be placing themselves in a competitive position for years to come. Finally, the threats that McDonald’s faces is the competition from other newer and trendier places such as Chipotle and Pei Wei. These places have grown in the last couple of years because of the way their locations look and because the public…

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