Mcdonald 's Of Fast Food Restaurants Essay

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In 1954 a man named Ray Kroc visited a small restaurant in San Bernandino, California, where he admired a good and quick service, which dealt with a large number of customers. The restaurant belonged to the brothers, Mauric 'a and Dic 'a McDonald, who, thanks to a small number of meals, low prices and streamlining of activities in the kitchen, increased the speed of customer service. Ray Kroc contacted the brothers, from whom he got the permission to use their sales system and name. These events caused that in 1955 in Des Plains, Illinois the first restaurant was opened, what gave rise to the entire chains of McDonald’s restaurants. Nowadays, it is the largest chain of fast-food restaurants.
Goals that the company is trying to achieve in the area include availability of products through chains of restaurants in the cities, the speed meal preparation and affordability for various social groups. The main objective of McDonald 's is to improve the quality of the products served to attract the largest possible number of customers, through which the company can maintain its leadership position in the market. McDonald 's restaurants use system of fast food preparation, which they called the “Speedee Service System”. Without assembly lines, they would not have had a base for their method of preparing food, which is the best solution for the company. This technology allows faster preparation of ordered products, so customers get quicker service.
McDonald 's restaurants operate on a…

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