Essay on Mcdonald 's Mission And Values

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McDonald’s Missions and Values

McDonald 's brand mission is to be our customers ' favorite place and way to eat and drink. Our worldwide operations are aligned around a global strategy called the Plan to Win, which center on an exceptional customer experience – People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion. We are committed to continuously improving our operations and enhancing our customers ' experience.
In 1940, McDonald’s operated as a self-service- drive-in restaurant. The first McDonald’s drive-thru was created in 1975 near an Arizona military base—to serve soldiers who weren’t permitted to get out of their cars while wearing fatigues. McDonald 's franchises and operates McDonald 's branded fast food restaurants all over the world. McDonald 's operates in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. The continued growth and expansion of the franchise is to develop in other international businesses.
McDonald’s fast food service has expanded and is popular for providing fast and affordable meals, geared towards single and working families. The culture and the value of the dollar will determine the cost. It will also require McDonald’s to develop a strategy plan and/or a risk assessment and should have cross-cultural management skills for managers operating in Asia. The type of food and meals will be contingent on the needs of the customer, with an understanding of the culture, religion and belief of the population. Any cultural…

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