Mcdonald 's Largest Chain Of Hamburger Fast Food Restaurants Essay examples

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McDonald’s is one of the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. This company has been operating in America since 1955, and it is known for its burgers and fires. The revenues recorded by the company during the financial year ended 2014 were $27,441.3 million McDonald’s has more than 1.7 million employees and more than 34, 000 restaurants in 119 countries. These revenues come from rent, royalties, and fees paid by the franchises and sales in company operated restaurants (Humphries and Geddy, 2015. P.11). this company was founded in the United States; in its Webpage the company provides a brief history of how they began. In the beginning it was a barbecue restaurant. Then, they organized their business as a hamburger stand, and at this point, they were using production line principles already. The company was joined as a franchise agent until 1955 by the businessman Ray Kroc who bought it from the McDonald brothers. Currently, besides hamburgers and fries, McDonald’s also sells chicken, breakfast items, milkshakes, desserts, and soft drinks. The McDonald’s headquarters complex is located in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Strong Brand Value
The McDonald’s brand is the most recognized in fast food industry because is a well-established global brand. In its webpage they assert that they continue to be recognized as one of the world’s premier franchising companies. The company has 36,258 restaurants in 119 countries, and they sell their products at various…

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