Mcdonald 's Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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In this scenario McDonald’s has a corporate social responsibility to operate honorably, and to actively work to better the quality of life in the local communities where it operates and in society at large (Gamble). In conducting its operations in a socially responsible manner McDonalds can expect to be rewarded with increased patronage, a lower risk of reputation-damaging incidents (such as the possible boycotting of its stores, or the bad publicity it received from calling the police on these Korean-Americans). The responsibility to actively work to better the quality of life in the communities where it operates applies particularly to this scenario. Calling the police on these elderly Korean-Americans does not do anything to better their lives, in fact being arrested is the opposite of having your quality of life improved.
There are three schools of thought when it comes to applying ethical standards of various cultures and whether or not multinational companies can apply the same set of ethical standards in all locations in which they operate their business or if adjustments must be made.
The first school of thought is ethical universalism, which believes that there are some common moral ground on what is right and wrong, and that regardless of culture, there are some universal norms including honesty, trustworthiness, respecting the rights of others, and practicing the Golden Rule, that transcend almost all cultures, societies and religions. Since these moral standards…

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