Mcdonald 's Chicken Nuggets Are Made? Essay

1751 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
As we turn to fast foods we are digging ourselves into a big hole. As you drive down a main street in the middle of a town you 're likely to find several different restaurants and drive thrus such as McDonald 's, Taco Bell, and Carl 's Jr. These options are cheap, good, and fast, they’re convenient for everyone. Despite the fact that fast foods are usually filled with unhealthy fats, processed products, and have as many as 13 life threatening effects on the body we still decide to consume them. I mean have you seen the video of how McDonald 's chicken nuggets are made? There’s no way that that 's healthy for us. From lack of exercise, and unhealthy eating habits we are leading ourselves into obesity. It 's time for a change and it 's up to us. In order to change this, a healthy diet is needed, exercise, and effort, will save us from being the generation to die young of obesity related diseases.
There are many ways to prevent obesity, having a healthy meal plan is very important. Good nutrition is important in having a healthy lifestyle. Being at a healthy weight will reduce your risks of heart disease and cancer. Portion size is important when eating out and at restaurants, their portion sizes are often for 2-3 people. Being active reduces the risk of heart disease, keeps weight under control, helps manage stress, and even counters depression and anxiety. Reducing time from tvs, video games, and computers will allow for more time to be active. Weigh yourself regularly (once…

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