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Case Study: McDonalds and Its Critics: 1973-2009

Mar 27th 2012

<McDonald’s And Its Critics: 1973-2009> is the most useful case that I’ve ever read about the McDonald’s. This case helped me fully understand the McDonald’s history from 1973 through 2009, as well as the reasons for its successes and failures through the years. Starting from the beginning, McDonald’s was a restaurant ran by two brothers Richard and Maurice, who managed this restaurant as a carhop drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California since 1930s. In the early 1950s, the brothers transferred the carhop service with self-service by simplifying the menu. In 1954, Ray Kroc, a salesman who supplied multitier milkshake machines to the McDonald
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In addition, Turner made a report that evaluated franchisees’ performance into a summary grade in four aspects: service, quality, cleanliness, and overall performance. Later on, a consultant position was created in the company and Turner decided to require this position became a prerequisite for promotion. After Turner became CEO in 1968, he realized that decentralization was the way to go from now on for the company to continue growing. He increased the number of regional offices and expanded the authority of regional managers as well as made a rule that it would be the regional managers to decide on granting franchises and selecting new restaurants sites. Turner believed that the better decisions are made from the closer observations towards stores and marketplace. Furthermore, Turner expanded the advertising for Ronald McDonald went beyond TV ads. For example, the company started employing people to act as real Ronald McDonald clowns to celebrate birthdays for children in the restaurant, and also, a lot of products were sold in the stores. Turner was one of the very successful CEO of McDonald’s; he took the previous CEO’s strategy into consideration and embellished it with his own innovation and understandings towards managing the company. He improved the previous training strategy with a high standard “Management Science” and made the training more into a

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