Mcdonald 's Brand Name Recognition Essay

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McDonald’s has served over 68 billion people, hires another 420,000 employees globally and operates in almost 120 countries according to their report to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The current CEO is Steven Easterbrook, the company has a large part of the United States Market share and is starting to become a global staple in the worlds fast food industry. A survey by a marketing firm called Sponsorship Research International — conducted among 7,000 people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, India, and Japan — found that 88 percent could identify the golden arches and that 54 percent could identify the Christian cross. The most widely recognized symbol was the interlocking rings of the Olympics. (Schlosser 2001). This goes to show how big of an intuition McDonalds is, McDonalds holds a large market share in the United States and has a growing presence globally.
• Brand Name Recognition
• Aggressive Advertising
• Competitive Pricing Model
• Large Market Share Weaknesses:
• Poor Customer Service
• High Employee Turn Over
• Generally Unhealthy Image
• Global Growth
• Low Priced Menu Options
• Expanding Product Line Threats:
• Competition
• Health Conscious Consumers
• Over Saturated Market
Being such a major player McDonalds has many strength, weaknesses, opportunities and strength I have outline a few in the table below:

McDonalds strengthens play into have a great overall plan…

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