Personal Narrative Essay On Mcdonald's Tragedy

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Mcdonald's tragedy Batter up. It was the bottom of the first inning and i was up, mry brother jabin was pitching. First pitch a little outside but i still swing and i connect. I run to first as my brothers race to the ball. I step on first and I hear and feel the rock crack under my foot. A chill goes through my body as i'm walking back to home plate followed by a pain squeeze in my foot. I look down to see my foot in a blanket of blood. I rush inside to find my mom and behind me follows the trail of blood. After we wash it off and wrap it in a towel my dad rushes me to the ER. He pulls to the front and drops me off while he goes to park in the maze of cars. I start hoping inside and i stop to regain my balance when a man rushes to me and …show more content…
He said “ tomorrow morning go to the surgeon to see if they need to do surgery”. My dad helped me hobble to the truck and we went to Mcdonalds because we were both hadn’t had supper and it was like 11:45. We pulled in the driveway and my dad ordered a crispy chicken sandwich and I just got a strawberry shake, when we order the lady says “ sir i’m sorry our ice cream machine is down right now”. I was so mad. Can this day get any worse , I thought to myself, so then instead I just got a large coke in a foam cup. When we got home I slept on the couch that was sitting in the dining room because our “man cave” was getting renewed because we had just started working on it since we moved in. The sun was brightly shining through the window when I woke up, to the sound of my dad making his Caribou coffee. He said we had to go to school to drop off my two little brothers and then we could go to the surgeon. When we got to school everybody asked what and how this happened, i was so tired of telling the same story over and over. Finally when we left my mom said we could grab something to eat, but i was not hungry at all. The surgeon told me i would have to have a surgery and wear a cast for at least 6-8 weeks and that was the start of my 3 surgeries, because the doctors didn’t see one of

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