Mcdonald's and Corporate Irresponsibility Essay

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McDonald's: Environmental McNasty? The truth behind its corporate irresponsibility.

As the world's largest franchised corporation, with over 31,000 restaurants in 120 countries employing 1.5 million people, McDonald's is also one of the greatest consumer contributors to the trash epidemic facing our world today. As a corporation that boasts of its environmental responsibility, the question is: are they doing all they can.

First, a few little-known facts:

A typical McDonald's restaurant serves an average of 109 customers each peak hour, with every customer producing an average of 56.7 grams of trash. Consequently, an estimated 6.35 kilograms of trash is generated from food sales alone each (peak) hour, so across the world, at
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With recent upheaval of environmental concerns and activism, McDonalds has been working feverishly to find improvements to policies in attempts to push back the political heat. The greatest of changes starting in 1986, with the exposure of their environmental and moral indiscretions by Greenpeace activists Helen Steel and David Morris, leading to an embarrassingly long seven-year trial nicknamed the 'McLibel trial'.

Since then, McDonald's has made a slew of promising changes to lessen their pollutive ways. They increased the size of their currently transported fry cartons (from 16.3 kg to 17.7 kg per case) as well as eliminated shipping packaging for the syrup they use for soft drinks, saving 31 million kg of cardboard annually.

They have set a target to reduce their waste by 50 per cent (by when?) and vow to work only in partnership with suppliers who advocate sound environmental practice, namely the Environmental Defense. The Environmental Defense, founded in 1967, is a national non-profit organization that combines the dynamics of science, economics and law to create viable, sustainable solutions to large and small scale environmental problems. In recent time, they also phased out the use of polystyrene products.

Although polystyrene recycling is possible, due to economic insustainability, the majority of polystyrene food service packaging is actually not recycled. Generally, there just aren't enough facilities to accommodate

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