Mccarthyism And Family Teacher : Mrs. Firzlaff Essay

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The Crucible Research Paper By: Ashley Cocayne Topics: McCarthyism & Family Teacher: Mrs. Firzlaff Period: 2 McCarthyism is an anti-communist movement. It was enforced by looking at the citizens political parties and views to see who would likely be a communist or have communistic ties. It was similar to the Salem Witch Trials in that to not be named a witch you had to give names of others, in McCarthyism you were forced to give names. If you did not give them names you were either believed to be a communist or a communist synthesizer. Some even said that giving names was an issue of personal morality. McCarthy went through this movement using congressional investigating committees such as the FBI or HUAC. These committees made a narrowly focused attack on a small political party and its adherents into a wide-ranging campaign that touched almost every aspect of American life. Groups like these specialized in punishing people by exposing their alleged Communist connections. During this era, in the mid- 1950s, being fired from your job was quite common. An individual could be fired from their job just for receiving a subpoena from HUAC or one of the other committees. Investigating committees were used to attack the liberalism of the New Deal and the Truman administration. They could also target specific groups and individuals at crucial moments. Because of committees like HUAC and of McCarthyism many Communists chose to hide their ties to the communist party. The 1950s also…

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