Mccandless Transcendentalism Essay

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Some say McCandless was stupid for going out into the wilderness without knowing what he was doing. But he wasn't, yes he had errors that cost him his life but he enjoyed the journey. There are many critics and non believers who doubt that he did not find what he was looking for but we can not be sure if he did or not. He wasn’t mentally ill but he did have things in his mind he needed to sort out. Like Krakauer says, McCandless was something else, though no one exactly knows what he was. We all know he was a transcendentalist but perhaps he was also something that hasn’t even crossed the minds of ordinary people.

McCandless was a well educated man, and he lived a close to normal life. He went to school, had a car, and lived in a nice house.
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He felt independent because he did not rely on anyone for anything. He not only burned all the money he had but he also burned any traces that linked him to his former self, including social security cards. Even though he needed to get jobs working with people from different walks of life, for the most part he was a nomad, he did not stay in one place for too long. McCandless tells how hurt he was when he found out his dad had had in a sense a ‘ secret family’ and tells how nothing was the same after he found out. It change his whole perspective on life and made him look at everything a different …show more content…
Just as Krakauer says, He was not a nutcase nor a sociopath. Know one knows exactly for sure what he was, he was on a different end of the spectrum from the rest of us. In conclusion, McCandless sought something more than what the average run of the mill person strives for. He strived for peace, within himself and to be somewhere where he was free and not have a worry in the world so he could just be himself and find something

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