Mc. D Hot Coffee Case

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Micro HRM covers the sub-functions of the HR policy and practices of two main categories: one with managing individuals and small groups (e.g., recruitment, selection, induction, training and development, performance management, and remuneration) and the other with managing work organization and employee voice systems (including union-management relations) (Boxall, Purcell, and Wright 2007)
McDonald success after the hot coffee case depends on many aspects, central among which is that the company must offer to the market the right products on the right terms and all this can be achieved through an effective and efficient management system of the micro level practise of HRM which include staffing, learning, remuneration and everyday routines.
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HR can suggest a communication training to improve employees’ way to aware customers to be more careful and not hurt themselves when consuming McDonalds’ product. Very precise instructions for the front workers about law details of any processes they do, and reactions in all possible cases. Simulation for workers - training about product liability and law consciousness, cause an important question in Mc.D hot coffee case is "where does the product liability end and the consumer responsibility begins". Each worker should realize this border, which is to be delivered by a law specialist - a civil law lawyer or a worker inside organization, who has proficiency in it and to put an extra task of staff training, who would deliver the meaning of the company is liable of any dangerous consequences of their product till the consumer is conscious of it according to law, then lawsuits of this kind no matter the legal result would no longer drain company legal systems because an understanding would exist that the responsibility rests equally in both parties' …show more content…
Staffing, like all other managerial functions, is the duty which the apex management performs at all times. (Lockwood H.R 2005) Making appropriate staffing decisions is one of the most important tasks for the management at McDonald's. In this prospective HRM would benefit from finding out additional knowledge of personnel to possibly use without hiring outsiders, saving money and time for adoption. If among the staff HRM might find a good litigation lawyer or a good speaker with profound fast food background, its possible to use this additional knowledge of a worker for staff training or writing new instructions for the front workers, considering the elimination of trauma both for employees and the consumers. In addition to this, McD HRM may also suggest a PR consultancy or common brainstorming of several departments or just a creative inventor contest among employees with some reward to invent a slogan, posting safety values and goals on the cups and lids with the warning “CAUTION! Very hot!” or “very hot – that’s why so tasty” or to create a new cup designed especially for customers in hurry or drivers, otherwise to provide the right and easy to use packages of coffee, easy to open and easy to close and be secured in the closed

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