Mbi Esfj Essay

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As an ESFJ according to Myers-Briggs, I am the most sociable out of all types and am energized by people interaction. Upon reading the “portrait of myself”, I came to find there were many characteristics that described me. However, some contradicted my self-concept. For instance, I portray myself to be an extrovert, only to an extent. I find myself to be aware with much around me, and have a highly energetic personality. However, as it states, extroverts think out loud and initiate conversation, and I can be shy and reticent from time to time. My joyful personality drives me to meet new people, however not all the time. I do not find myself to be as outgoing as the “common” extrovert, but do fit in the category more-so than an introvert. …show more content…
I do not like to present or lecture in front of people, which contradicts characteristics on an ESFJ. It states career selections would include sales, education, public relations, and counseling. I enjoy listening to people and offering advice when they are in a rut. However, I would not take pleasure in any other selections. I love helping people, but I do not feel comfortable interrupting or bothering them to sell items, or trying to manipulate people into believing my way is the right way. If I am asked for my opinion I will state what I believe is to be true; however, I will not immediately speak on impulse.
In my social life, along with work life, I believe what people do, what they think, and how they act is all up to them. If they enjoy doing something that others may look down on, I encourage them to do what they believe is right for them, unless it is harming themselves and/or the people around them. I am not prone to jump to conclusions or to act on assumptions that turn out to be wrong as other ESFJs may do. I understand there is another side to everything we hear that does not come from the primary person(s) of the story. Gossip, which is prone to ESFJs personality, is also another trait that is not me. If I hear something about someone, I never keep the gossip going. I believe people’s business should remain their business unless they directly come and talk to me about it.
When it comes to career values,

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