Mbaln-609-Assignment 2 Essay

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After reading more and more about Human resources, and epically when I came to the part that discuss occupation safety and health, I started to understand more and more about how important human resources management it is to organization for both the management and owner section and employees favor too.
The Laws and regulations issued by the government aim to create safer and better environment for work to employees, and on the other hand, if those regulations applied carefully in organizations, I believe it will insure safer and less risk environment to employers too.
In my country Egypt, there are 29 Article in labour law that regulates Vocational Safety And Ensuring
Labour Environment security ( 2003 ). Below I will high light
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12 Of The Year 2003 P.88)

The laws and regulations would impact employing strategic human resources management principals in the organization, as I mentioned before, we can clearly see how law emphasizes and magnifies safety in work environment.
We talk about labour, we surely talks about the most and highest valuable asset for an organization, so keeping them safe will always pours in the interest of the organization.

There are some techniques too in strategic human resources management to create a high performance work environment, those techniques will not come from government laws or can’t be granted by government. For instance what I understand from video of How can Strategic Human Resource
Management (SHRM) help in modern organisational growth? (2014)
, “commitment strategy, were the organization builds a strong commitement among employees through commanality of interest between employers and employees “.
So I believe by good strategic human resources management we can build up some great work environment. Below are some listing of laws and regulations from the Egyptian laws of labor issued in 2003, it is the

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