Mba 5652 Unit 1 Assignment - Research Proposal Topic Essay

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MBA 5652 Unit 1 Research Proposal Topic
Exercise 1 My top ten research topics that I find interesting to pursue are the following: (1) approach for extra ( increase in minimum wage) income and advertising, (2) concussions in football, (3) should transportation security (TSA) regulations be changed ?, (4) should regulations regarding the use of cellular phones while driving be standardized ?, (5) should driving under the influence (DUI) laws be changed ?, (6) concealed guns be permitted in stores, (7) computer forensics, (8) financial crimes, such as embezzlement, (9) cyber terrorism, (10) cyber criminology, internet child pornography. The new approach for extra income appeal to me because as a consequence of the current enhancement
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When populace have complete basic endurance needs such as provisions, refuge, and comparatively tenable bodily and monetary safety, they look for to reach things that they haven’t yet have, such as rank cipher or a intelligence of feel right to an elite collection. If we be able to give confidence our obtainable announcement customers to use their additional profits, therefore move the insist of our present marketing base to use more expensive goods, then we place to increase an extended and more lucrative set of commercial purchaser. This development is a bazaar revision in likely new goods in which advertisement embattled for the new least earnings patrons sector can be shaped.
(b) The steps that I would take to review specific literature relevant to the topic of approach of extra income and advertising are as follows: Step 1 : Recognize the writing that you will evaluate, Step 2: Examine the writing, Step 3: Review the writing in table or idea map arrangement, Step 4: Combine the writing prior to inscription your assessment, Step 5: Script the appraise, Step 6: Develop and write a logical essay.
(c) The three additional questions that could be derived from this topic is the following: (1) how does minimum wage effect the amount of money that the populace spends?, (2) Does the American people believe that the increase will decrease poverty?, (3) An increase

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