Mayor Of Casterbridge Character Analysis

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Throughout Thomas Hardy’s plot driven novel, The Mayor of Casterbridge, the true personalities of the characters shine forth based upon their responses to the obstacles that they face or the repercussions of their actions. Some of the characters such as Elizabeth Jane and Donald Farfrae stay true to their own morals and beliefs as a way to demonstrate their altruism. However, other characters such as Lucetta and Henchard stay consistent in their own lies in the hope of personal advancement, which only leads to destruction. Ultimately, the decisions and actions of Michael Henchard, Lucetta Le Sueur, Donald Farfrae, and Elizabeth Jane all demonstrate a lack of character development which either assists or hinders the justice and moral order of …show more content…
From the beginning to the end of the novel, both Elizabeth Jane and Farfrae demonstrate patience, humility, and kindness towards others despite the difficult situations that they face. For example, Elizabeth Jane displays persistent kindness as she refuses to revert to animosity once Lucetta takes her potential future with Farfrae from her grasp and as she continues to show understanding and love toward her cold and dishonest father, Henchard. Although Elizabeth Jane does refuse to see Henchard at her wedding, she continues to showcase her “good sense and kind heart” as she searches and tries to care for Henchard up until his death (123). Donald Farfrae also remains consistent in his kind and rational characteristics. Even at the beginning of the novel, Farfrae shows compassion towards Henchard as he offers advice for his grain business without charge and agrees to help Hanchard by being his manager instead of traveling to America. Farfrae also shows sensitivity towards Henchard’s reputation and needs when he refuses to take away any of Henchard’s clients once he creates his own business and even offers Henchard the chance to stay in his own house after he loses his possessions and title as Mayor. This generosity towards Henchard and even his sensitivity towards Henchard when he says, “‘I- sometimes think I’ve wronged ye!’” shows how his compassionate character never crumbles despite his success and fame (227). Therefore, both Elizabeth Jane and Farfrae stay consistent in their morals and awareness of others which the universe rewards with love, happiness, and

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