Mayo Clinic Essay

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The Mayo Clinic is well known for treating international leader, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the president of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. The Mayo clinic provided care to patients for nearly a hundred years. It was founded by a family of physicians named “Mayo.” The Mayo family created an international legacy. They traveled the world to compare notes and surgical approaches with physicians and returned with international patients. Mayo Clinic has used word of mouth marketing to uphold its global reputation. Its marketing department has existed for only the last fifteen years. The Mayo Clinic has three locations: Rochester, Minnesota; Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona; and Jacksonville, Florida. The Mayo Clinic is known for new …show more content…
Therefore results that were generated from the research may not have been accurate due to unawareness among the majority surveyed. The Mayo Clinic lacks brand awareness. There has to be more marketing research in order to increase it. This will reflect the wants, needs, and preferences of the target market. The Mayo Clinic's key element is information, which will develop successful international marketing strategies.
Firstly, the Mayo Clinic's international marketing department should examine any available secondary information and determine their target market. Taking into consideration the cost and level of the clinic, the suggested target market should be people who take their health very seriously and money wouldn't be an issue regardless of how much they earn, and also people who are high income upper class.
Even though, the clinic welcomes patients from anywhere in the world, they need to decide on what countries they should concentrate on because marketing and research can be pricy. With this, Mayo's marketing dept. should research which countries have the most potential in regards to the largest percentage of people who are willing and capable of traveling around the world for medical care.
The target market has to be a random sample in a specific sample frame when doing the survey. This way every member in the population will have an equal chance to be surveyed. This is key of having a true random sample and avoiding bias. Also research

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