Maya Lin Essay

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Maya Lin- Video Review
What was the artist work about? Maya Lin is an architect and designer. Her work is very natural and simplistic, her designs are very simple but the content of her pieces of work are very deep. She is recognized for her landscape art. She expresses her work through objects she makes. This objects or architectural works she has done are all made so people all feel connected in the same way. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington Dc, are two black granite walls which are together linked and have engraved text in chronological order with the names of the men and women who gave up their live for this war. You see that she expresses the amount of sadness and depression in a simple black marble wall that represents
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She wants to promote this by making everybody connect to the same feeling feel. The reason she makes her artwork like this is to connect people for example in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, society connects and acknowledge the amount of suffering this war brought to this country. I personally believe she also does this so society understands that we all are equal and can be judged because every human being has feelings. She demonstrated this to society when she won the contest of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. She could have given up and she stand up to what she wanted to do for her coming from an Asian family. She also wants to prove this when she used the movement of water in the Civil Rights Memorial; water equals peace and water is movement meaning it will always move meaning society have to move on. She also proves this by putting a specific Martin Luther King quote and pointing out specific events that happened that happened, you see this while you are getting around the table. I think another purpose her work has is for society to understand that things pass for a cause and that we have to learn to accept what other past societies did and we have to learn from them. Maya Lin purpose is to show the human race throughout her art works that people were there to change history and we have to be grateful.

What do you think of the artist’s work? I think Maya Lin is a very talented artist. I did not no

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