Essay About Graduation By Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou 's “The Graduation” has many aspects that are similar to my road to graduation but there are several differences. Graduation can be seen as an exciting time where I get to move onto another stage in my life that will lead to new life experiences. My road to graduation includes having to balance college courses ,while still applying to college, and studying for standardized tests, having to go to work, not experiencing my senior year fully and having anxiety about the future. Graduation feels like it 's coming too quickly, and I am not able to enjoy it. Graduating whether it be from middle school , high school, or college is a milestone that led me to new worries.
In “The Graduation” Maya Angelou narrates the days leading up to
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All my courses are scheduled in the morning so I can have more time out of my day, Because I am not yet a licensed driver, I have to wait for my brother to wake up and take me and some days are easy while other days I spend half an hour trying to wake him up. Between my first class and second I use that window of time to do any course work I have that week. When my last class of the day has finished I wait for a family member to pick me up. When I reach home I finish whatever course work I have left and start on the next scholarship on my list. Three days out of the week I work as a cashier between 5-8 hours a day. The days I am not working are spent taking practice standardized test and zeroing in on my weaknesses to strengthen them. Not being in the presence of my senior class means that I can 't experience going to meetings, setting up senior events and enjoying the difference in treatment. Senior year is a year where I would have had the chance to speak to my counsellors on my career path and the different college choices and scholarships that would fit me. Instead I have no one to confide in and it isn 't a completely bad thing, but having the chance to bounce ideas off of someone who has seen me grow and knows where your strength and weaknesses lie would be helpful, as well as having the resources to get me what I …show more content…
We will all go on our own paths and the thought of leaving a place I have grown so much in the span of 4 years is disheartening. In the time I’ve spent in highschool I learned how to have more confidence in the person I am, being the bigger person in situations where someone is being unfair, and understanding that constantly being bitter is no way to live, However, unlike Angelou I’m not eager to graduate but would rather have graduation come at a slow

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