Maxine Hong Kingston 's The Woman Warrior Essay examples

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Maxine Hong Kingston published a masterpiece of literature in 1976, “The Woman Warrior”. Many people found the reading a bit complex to grab, like why was the aunt is the no name woman? Now I have to admit the literature was a bit miscellaneous but I understood. Each chapter has its own meaning have why it is being told; the answer is in between the lines. Overlooking the reader’s review they raised many logical questions such as: why is the aunt labeled as the no name warrior? Why did the narrator tell extensions of stories? Why did the community have such a heavy impact on the family? Or did Maxine act out because of her cultural restrictions? All of these are great points to help get a better understanding of the character, on why the aunt was classified as a warrior. I came to apprehend that the reason why the aunt was categorized as one of the warrior was because of her displeasing actions that she made. Even though she did commit suicide she served as an inspiration, she is an unnamed legend towards the community.
In the beginning, “No Name Woman” the narrator is on the fence about her aunt as her mother told the story. Kingston neither defends nor blames her aunt for her actions that caused her family chaos. At times Kingston even felt sympathy for the no name woman. Nevertheless the narrator seem to empathize on why she too such drastic measures and commends the aunt for being so independent through it all. Kingston admired the no name woman’s actions, she saw her…

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