Max 's Life And Life

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Max, a handsome 19 year old sophomore in college who had all of the trimmings any young woman thought she could ever want in a man. Nice smile with white teeth, athletic and by all means he was the best dressed jock on campus. He drives a BMW around, has a collection of Rolex watches and only wears the top of the line name brand apparel. Max came from a well off family and he didn’t have to work hard for much in his life. As an adolescent his parents pacified him with toys and high tech gadgets to keep him busy instead of giving him attention. Max father was never around. He traveled and worked 10 months out of the year, leaving behind his wife to care for two kids. There was never a real bond between him and his father so he couldn’t appreciate the sacrifices his father made so they could live comfortably. At the age of 15 he had two credit cards and a car. So by the time Max graduated high school and had to be away on his own, he couldn’t comprehend his parents telling him he had to work to get by. Two weeks before going away to college, reality hit when he ran the credit card bill up 10 grand and his father had enough. Realizing they had made a huge mistake most of his son’s life, Arnold decided that for the duration of college until graduation they were only giving Max an allowance of 500 dollars a month. “How can I survive off 500 alone?” he questioned his father furiously. “Get a job, son!” his father exclaimed.
Max parents would automatically deposit the 500 bucks

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