Max Weber 's A Silent Dialogue With Karl Marx Essay

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Final Exam Questions
1. The statement that Max Weber was engaged in, mentions “a silent dialogue with Karl Marx.” I do not agree with this statement because Weber and Marx have their differences. Weber was in more in favor of capitalism and does not believe that socialism can cure society. According to the article about Max Weber (Anon 1999), “Weber considered himself a liberal and he tended to favour a parliamentary democracy within a capitalist organization of the economy.” Marx believed that capitalism would exploit the working class and alienate individuals from their work but for Weber he believes that it is not capitalism but rationalization which means an “ongoing process in which social interaction and institutions become increasingly governed by methodical procedures and calculable rules” (Edles 2010). Also the increase of dominance of bureaucracies that threatened to destroy creativity and individuality (Eldes 2010). Although there are cons with capitalism but Weber believed that socialism as an economic and social system would result in an even greater limits on human freedom than capitalism. Meaning with socialism society can be much worse. Weber was also concerned with social justice and debated with other socialist because Weber was not in favor of this type of government. Overall, Weber did not embrace Marx and other Marxist followers of the call for a communist revolution, because with this type of movement can led to the expansion of the scope of…

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